New Wave Calendar of Events 2019

Note: The majority, of events, on this calendar, have been booked and confirmed. However, it may become necessary to change dates at short notice. Should this become necessary, New Wave will ENDEAVOR to provide students and parents with as much notice as possible.

Also be advised that the fees for events are subject to change at short notice.


All evening classes resume week commencing Monday 2nd Sept.

Frist class back at:

Buchan: Monday 02nd

Granton Primary Sch: Tuesday 10th

Miami Health Club: Tuesday 03rd

The Green: Tuesday 03rd

Rye Hill: Classes commence Wednesday 25th Sept.



Saturday 12th Mass Sparring (No: 4) Buchan Hall 10am – 12 mid day

Venue: Buchan Hall, Buchan Road, Nunhead, SE15 3HQ

Time: 10am ~ 12mid day

Booking date: Friday 04th October.

Fee: £12 by booking date, £15 thereafter!

Requirements: Tae Kwon Do uniform, full set of sparring equipment and bottle of water. In the interest of safety, please ensure all finger and toe nails are cut short.

This will be our forth and final Mass Sparring Sessions (MSS) of the  year. These are compulsory for students Orange Belt/ Green tag and above. The reason why these sessions are compulsory are so that intermediate to higher grade students are able to develop the necessary skills and competency to defend themselves using TKD in the real world. Be advised that some lower grade students will be invited to attend MSS's, at their instructor's discretion. Students, on MSS's, will cover: Sparring Drills and Lots of Sparring!


Tue 22nd, Wed 23rd & Thur 24th Camp Taekwondo

Venue: Buchan Hall, Buchan Road, Nunhead, SE15 3HQ

Time: 10am ~ 2pm

Booking date: Friday 11th October.

Fee: £25 (one day) or £50 all three days (£55 after booking date)

Requirements: Pack lunch, Tae Kwon Do uniform, change of clothes, preferably tracksuit for lunchtime activities.

This is our last camp of year. As with the April Camp, many students use this Camp to prepare the grading to be held on the morning of Friday 25th Oct. Therefore, it is a very well attended and as places are limited, students should book their places early to avoid disappointment. The Camp is 12 hours over three days and is suitable for all New Wave students. Students will cover, Self Defence, Patterns, fitness and all other elements of the New Wave Syllabus. It is a great opportunity for students from all New Wave Clubs to train with different New Wave Instructors and gage themselves against students from other New Wave Clubs.

Spaces are limited and are available on first come first served bases!!


Friday 25th Buchan Hall, GRADING.

Booking date: Friday 18th Oct.


Fee: As per grade applying for.

 As this will be our last grading of year it is most likely to be a large one. Many students use the October Camp to prepare for this grading, therefore places on the Oct. Camp go quickly. Grading forms are handed out to students two to three weeks before the grading date. These must be completed and returned to instructor (with grading fee) by the booking date. Only those students, selected to grade, will be handed a grading form.

Although it is possible for students to double grade, i.e. advance two grades if they perform extremely well at their grading. However, students always grade for their next immediate belt level and do not have the option to choose which grade they are applying for.

Note: Students do not get to decide when they grade, this is strictly up to the student’s instructor and the Head instructors of New Wave.



 Mon 25th -to- Friday 29th Parents Week


*Buchan Hall: MONDAY 25TH

*Granton: TueSDAY 26TH

*The Green: TueSDAY 26TH



Parents week, is an opportunity for parents to sit in on class and see what their children have been learning.  It is also an opportunity check their progress. 

Classes this week, will finish 15 minutes early, giving parents a chance to speak to instructors about progress or any other concerns relating to TKD. *Please attend on days listed!!



Evening Classes: Christmas and New Year Class Closure and

Reopen Dates

Buchan Hall: Last Class Thur 05th Dec.   Reopen Mon 13th Jan

Granton Primary Sch: Dates yet to be confirmed

Miami Health Club: Fri 06th Dec. Reopen Tue 14th Jan

Rye Hill: Fri 06th Dec. Reopen WED 15th Jan

The Green: Last Class Tue 06th.  Reopen Tue 14th Jan


This calendar will be update over Christmas & New Year break!!