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Access to Taekwondo Course                   

This course is designed to give children and adults the opportunity to experience Taekwondo (TKD) training and decide if TKD is right for them before paying for uniforms etc.  As an Access Course, it will introduce them to the basic: Stances, Hand & Leg techniques of TKD as well as stretching exercises and fitness exercises.  There is no commitment, to long term training, when signing up for the Access Course.  If at the end of the course you decide TKD is not for you -that is fine.

The price of the course, for Children (4 – 17 yrs old) is £25

The price of the course, Adults (18 yrs plus) is £30

Student who successfully complete the course receive a course certificate.

Those students, who decide that TKD is for them and who wish to continue training with New Wave, receive: One years’ FREE membership and discounts on TKD uniform and club badges: To the value of £56 for Children and £66 for Adults.

Important Information:

  1. Depending at what point in the month you start the Access course, it is comprised of 5-8 sessions. Students MUST attend all sessions to receive end of course certificate, one year’s free membership with New Wave TKD and to qualify for additional discounts when transferring to the regular classes.
  2. It is important that if a student is going to be absent from the course, for any reason, that their contact New Wave via phone or email explaining reason for absences.
  3. Students on the course MUST adhere to the New Wave Code of Conduct.

New Wave Taekwondo Student Code of conduct

1]     I will respect myself, fellow students and Instructors.

2]     I will do my best to listen and learn from my Instructor, Assistant Instructors and fellow students.

3]     I will give a 100% effort in my lessons.

4]     I will practice Taekwondo in my own time, as long as it is safe for me to do so,

         without risk of injury to myself and those around me.

5]     I understand that Taekwondo is for self defense and will not use it to take advantage of others.


 Medical Conditions:

Applicants, who suffer from any medical disorder, MUST obtain a letter from their GP confirming that they are fit to practice Taekwondo (TKD). This must be provided to New Wave before applicant can commence training in TKD!

What to wear on the course:

Taekwondo is practiced bare footed.  During the course students are required to wear jogging bottoms and T-shirt/ sweatshirt.

Additional Information and discounts:

One year’s Free Membership and discounts on uniforms and badges, are only available to students who successfully complete the Access Course and who transfer to regular classes immediately after course is over, without lapse in attendance.

Access to Taekwondo Courses run at all New Wave Clubs apart from the Miami Health Club! 


New Wave Tigers programme                                      


What is the Tigers programme and who is it aimed at?

 The New Wave Tigers programme is a Tae Kwon Do course devised especially for younger children 4 ~ 8 years old.  However, since it is a flexible learning programme it does not exclude younger children from applying.


How long are the classes?

 Tiger classes are no longer than 45 minutes and focus on providing a safe, healthy and fun filled environment in which to learn. 


 What are the main aspects of the Tigers Programme?

  •          Understanding and responding to instructions
  •         Standing to attention
  •         Understanding left from right
  •         Age appropriate stretching exercises
  •         Learning basic hand blocks
  •         Learning basic hand strikes
  •         Learning basic kicks
  •         Achievement Certificates
  •         Belt/Tag award system


What are the benefits for young children?

 Developing strength, co-ordination, discipline, resulting in improved concentration and all round confidence!


How is the Tigers Programme different from other New Wave Tae Kwon Do training programmes?

 Our mainstream Tae Kwon Do Programme consists of 9 belts from White to Black Belt. The Tigers programme recognises that younger children can find it difficult to grasp some skills all at once. 

 Therefore, the syllabus for the first two belts, from our mainstream programme, is broken down into small ‘bite sized’ chunks, making it easier for younger children to grasp. Regular assessments, with rewards (certificates and belt tags) help to motivate and encourage younger students as well as chart progress on the course. 


However, the main emphasis is on fun based learning, with lots of encouragement and confidence building.

 Older Tigers students are provided with regular taster sessions in our mainstream classes.  Student centred, it allows them to develop confidence and chose when its time to train with the big kids.